Rachael Groves took on the marketing role at EGR back in August 2019. She has been behind the scenes posting on social media, updating the website and increasing communication across all platforms.


How’d you get your start? What did you do before?


As a recent graduate of OU with a major in Entrepreneurship and minor in Marketing, I had a wide range of options in the job market, but little clarity on what I wanted to do. I had completed several internships at companies in many different industries, two of which focused more on the marketing side of business. Darren reached out to me last summer with an invitation to check out EGR and see if I had any interest in a new marketing role they were creating. With minimal experience, Darren and the rest of the team put their trust in me. Eight months later I’m still standing, so things seem to be going well.


Describe your day to day role:


According to my job description, it’s my duty to manage the ecosystem (whatever that means). On a daily basis, I check all of our social media platforms and the website to make sure we’re staying connected with other companies, the community and our clients. I have different tasks depending on the day or week, but overall, I help spread the word about EGR through communication and brand recognition.


What has been your favorite project to date and why?


I don’t work directly with the projects that go through the shop, but it’s cool to see the process from start to finish. There are a bunch of moving parts in each project, so I try to highlight all of the work that goes into it via social media.


What is your biggest challenge?


Since a heavy emphasis on social media and brand awareness are fairly new to EGR, it can be difficult to get people on board and involved in the process. However, people seem to be getting more excited each day as they see all of their hard work come to life through pictures, videos, articles and congratulatory comments by clients, partners and the community at large.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?


I love to hang out with my friends and travel. I have a lot of friends that moved all across the country after college, so I try to visit them as often as possible. I’m also no stranger to a Netflix binge.


What’s the most gratifying part of the job?


Seeing a completed job is rewarding for everyone. Personally, when people outside of EGR complement our work or our people, it’s a nice feeling.


Favorite restaurant in OKC:


That’s tough – I love food, so it’s hard to choose the number one spot. I keep a list of restaurants on my phone so I don’t forget a place and make sure I hit up all the new places that keep popping up in town. But Tana Thai sounds delicious today.




Most people call me Rach. My family calls me RC – my first and middle initial. However, when I hear my full first and middle name, I know I’m in trouble.


What’s your party trick?


I’m scary good at chubby bunny.


One word that best describes EGR: