Glewerson Vicente is a veteran of EGR, starting back in 2011 after being referred by his cousin. Glewerson has been involved in several positions around the shop and worked his way up to be Countertop Department Lead. He’s a quick learner who is very skilled at his trade. Glewerson’s passion and skill is showcased in each piece he completes.


Describe your typical day at work:


I work on many different jobs/projects at the same time, so my days are usually very busy.


What has been your favorite project to date & why? 


Each project is a different experience and involves a different perspective. I learn new work techniques, which improve my skills each time. I enjoy my job and I like working on each new project.


What is your biggest challenge on any given job? 


The job can be physically challenging at times because some of the pieces can be heavy. It takes a lot of strength to handle the materials.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work? 


I like to play soccer, go to the gym, explore new places, and spend time with my family.


Favorite thing to build:


Wrapping die walls in solid surface


What’s the most gratifying part of the job? 


I enjoy seeing the finished product, especially when it’s done quickly. It feels good to receive praise from the bosses when we’ve completed a job.


Favorite restaurant in OKC:


Charleston’s Restaurant


One word that best describes EGR:


Opportunity and a blessing