Hamilton Chavez has been in the casework business since he landed his first job in the United States after moving from Guatemala. He joined the EGR team back in mid 2018 as an engineer. Throughout his time at EGR, Hamilton has played a major role on numerous projects by interpreting and engineering architectural drawings. When he’s not focused at his desk, you can find Hamilton walking around chatting up everyone in the shop.


Describe your day-to-day role as an engineer:


Every day I get the privilege to be the middleman between drafters, project managers and the shop.


What has been your favorite project to date? Why?


Too many to remember


What is your biggest challenge on any given job?


Communication. It’s always hard to get the correct information from all the people involved in my job.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?


Family, church and sports.


What’s the most gratifying part of the job?


I think the team. I like the people that I work with. I’m a people person and I appreciate my friends.


Favorite vacation spot:


I don’t have a favorite spot I just follow my wife


Favorite restaurant in OKC:


This is hard, I like all kinds of food. I can’t just to pick one.




My nickname at EGR is “Hambone”


What’s your party trick?


Talk – I love to interact with people and learn about them.


If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?


Fly and airplane


If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you meet? Why?


Too many role models to pick just one


One word that best describes EGR: