Troy hit his 2-year mark at EGR last month. With a background in sales, he brings a valuable set of skills to the estimating team. His salesman history could also explain why he wore a full suit to his interview where the company attire is construction casual – which more or less means shorts or jeans and a hat. Nevertheless, he quickly adjusted to the culture and absorbed a great deal of industry knowledge. His calm and observant demeanor allows him to read the room and his customers to understand their needs and get big wins. While he’s never met a vegetable he’s ever liked, Troy is always willing to meet the demands of EGR’s clients and partners to ensure a lasting relationship and excellent service.


How’d you get your start?


Some of my friends who already worked here approached me to be an estimator. I’m a tenderfoot when it comes to construction. I was in sales before I came to EGR.


Describe your day to day role as an estimator:


Dissecting blueprints and discussing projects with potential GCs.


What has been your favorite project to date and why?


Junction City High School is my favorite job to date. Lots of legwork for a gratifying win.


What is your biggest challenge on any given job?


Pricing – some jobs can be very complex with special features or materials.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?


MMA, watching and training


What’s the most gratifying part of the job?




Favorite restaurant in OKC:


Azteca Grill




Poptart Killa


What’s your party trick?


Irish goodbye


One word that best describes EGR: