COVID-19 Response

March 25, 2020


Due to the steps taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, nonessential businesses in 19 counties in Oklahoma have been asked to close for the next 21 days. Many other communities in which we work are taking similar measures to slow the spread of the virus. Being in the construction industry, EGR is considered an essential business, so our doors will remain open.


Our facilities are up and running and work continues throughout the shop. However, we may experience setbacks and disruptions during this time. We will work together to stay the course and work through any issues. Currently, all of our projects are operating, and we are working to ensure a smooth transition should any delay or suspension occur.


The safety and health of our employees, clients and partners is our top priority. To safeguard our people, some of our employees will be working remotely, but, again, our shop will continue to fully operate. Within our shop and office walls, we have been and will continue to modify our work practices to ensure a safe and healthy environment for our team.


Adapting to changes in our community and in our industry can be tricky but are undoubtedly necessary. People are our biggest asset, so we will do our best to keep those around us happy, healthy and safe. We are grateful for our amazing team, clients, partners and the community at large who are working together and supporting one another during this crisis. May we all move forward with positivity and grace as we navigate these uncharted waters.


Take care of yourself, your family and your community. We’re all in this thing together.