Don joined EGR’s team in 2017. He hails from Norman, Okla. but got his start at an Oklahoma City woodworking shop where his craftsman father worked. Don studied architecture at the University of Oklahoma before zig-zagging across the state to work for different millwork and casework companies.


Once shop foreman, he moved front of house. Don spent the next 17 years at an Edmond, Okla. cabinet making shop. There, his job experience grew exponentially – he worked in purchasing, estimating, project and plant management, and ran day-to-day operations. Next, he managed and estimated projects at a high end residential shop in Oklahoma City. Six years later, he craved a faster pace and joined the EGR team!


Q&A with Don Wiggins, EGR Production Manager:


What do you do for fun when you’re not working?

Bird hunting. I take a trip to South Dakota every year to pheasant hunt. I have a German Short-Haired Pointer birddog. I am also a hobby bee keeper. I have beehives in my back yard. Haven’t been real successful making honey. The first year I got quite a bit but there is a huge time commitment, so I just leave the honey with the bees. It helps them survive the winter.


How many times have you been stung?

There was one particular day I got stung through my blue jeans about 20 times. Normally I only get stung once or twice a season. There are guys that don’t wear gloves or a helmet. I am not that guy.


What do you like most about working at EGR?

I like the fast pace at EGR. I was at a similar shop for 17 years, and then I went to a high end residential shop that was slower paced. The quality was beautiful. They did really really cool stuff but there was not much push and I wasn’t building it. If I were building it, I would like to take my time, but I was in the office. So here (at EGR) the challenge is procedures. Find a better way to do a step, rather than just keep building it the same way. What would save a few seconds each time. For example, if we cut it this size we could get more pieces out of a sheet.


Keeping it in the Family

My dad is a cabinet guy. I got my start working at a shop where he works. But I have two brothers and both of them are in this trade as well. One of them worked at EGR for three or four years. I also have two sons and both of them worked here (at EGR) before I did. Brett is an engineering draftsman and Blake runs a CNC.

All of our covered doors fall off because none of us do anything at home. Hahaha.