Yolanda Gramajo started working for EGR back in 2015 after another team member recommended her for the job. Being the only female working on the manufacturing side of EGR, Yolanda is a strong woman with a great work ethic. We need more people like Yolanda!


Describe your typical day at work:


I work on the assembly line – the last stop before the products get wrapped up and shipped.


What has been your favorite project to date and why?


OU Medical has been my favorite. It’s a very large job with so many different parts. I like being a part of the whole process.


What is your biggest challenge on any given job?


Lifting heavy weights can be difficult, but nothing is impossible. Our early start time can also be tough.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?


I love to spend time with my children and be active.


What’s the most gratifying part of the job?


I work with a lot of great people and our teamwork has made the work easier and more enjoyable.


Favorite restaurant in OKC:


Texas Roadhouse


Any special talents?


It’s not really a talent, but I love to learn. Each day I strive to be the best version of myself and learn something new.


One word that best describes EGR: